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Customized Solutions Designed For You

At Start State, we offer our clients the ability to start with something simple, with something that works for them, with something designed for them. We offer a full range of custom software solutions that allow today's businesses the chance to succeed on their own terms.

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Internet of Things
  • Custom Applications
  • Cloud Services


All our projects must follow these three goals. Keeping things simple allows us to deliver products quick ensuring you rapid ROI. By leveraging modern tools, we have streamlined our process to ensure we provide quick and easy solutions.

Simple to Use

Our goal is to build software that gets out of the way of the user and addresses their needs. Building user-centered software ensures proper adoption.

Simple to Maintain

Proper maintenance is often overlooked because it is either too difficult or too costly; however, our solutions are built to ensure that you can easily take on this necessary task or we can take care of it for you.

Simple to Scale

New features and increased user base is a desirable side effect of great software. While it is vital to get to market quickly, it is just as essential to scale when the need arises.

User's First!

User Focused

Any product is only as good as its adoption. To ensure we achieve this, we take the time to understand the problem and your users' needs. We will then align these with your business goals and priorities to delight both users and the business. Building a simple, clean, and functional user experience is very important.

  • Delight your users
  • Engage your users
  • Balance art and science


Speed requires checkpoints to ensure accuracy, with the use of agile methodologies, we can move quickly and show progress on an on-going basis. Agile development also allows us to be nimble, and adjust to user's needs efficiently and deliver a product loved by them.

  • Daily communication of cross-functional teams
  • Early and continuous delivery of working software
  • Sustained attention to technical excellence and good design
Fast Agile Development

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