About Us

Our Mantra

Simple solutions, done right!

Who we are

We are a group of techies who are passionate about software, solving problems, and providing modern day enterprises with the ability to leverage the power of digital technology and use bespoke software products to drive business success. Our background spans across various industries and verticals from startups to large global enterprises.

We enjoy bringing great ideas to life, so expect us to give the same attention and love as we would our own. Along with that comes our knack to question all assumptions.

Just a quick warning; we like to have some fun along the way, and we'll bring you along!

Our Core Values

Build simple solutions

Love what you do

Take calculated risks

Embrace and shepherd change

Question everything

Listen, observe, converse, then build!

A special thanks to the following folks for helping with photography:
Marvin Meyer | Adam Solomon | Jo Szczepanska | New Data Services | Mockupeditor | Vecteezy